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Through our textiles, we aim to demonstrate the joyful, enduring value of craft and quality over mass production. In an industry that is historically high in waste and emissions, we are committed to taking responsibility for our contributions and protecting our environment for future generations. 


We believe that good things take time and so we take a slow and considered approach to making. By choosing high quality, responsibly sourced materials we ensure that our pieces stand the test of time, rather than encourage a throwaway culture. We do this by ensuring all inks are classed as water-based, which means they are non-toxic and free from VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and all paper and non-woven substrates are sourced from FSC® certified forests.


We choose to work only with ethical and accredited suppliers that make decisions based on the wider environmental impact. Our fabrics and wallpapers are all traditionally produced in small quantities in England and we endeavour to always keep our production as local as possible. We are committed to the conservation of heritage crafts in the UK and support the Heritage Crafts Association, to safeguard craft skills and knowledge for the future.


We are dedicated to working towards a sustainable future so we strive to constantly learn and evolve, continuing to focus on how our processes can have minimal impact on our environment, without ever compromising on design and quality.  

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